Murphy Funkhouser Capps – Kudzu Brands

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Why are you passionate about Branding and Marketing?

I studied theatre in college. Therefore, I have always been interested in putting “stories on stage”. I love that through words, imagery and strategies, I can provide entrepreneurs the tools they need to go forward with their passion and purpose with bold confidence and a clear, intentional direction.

What was the lightbulb moment that inspired your entrepreneurial journey?

Eight years ago, I was driving to work every day, gripping the steering wheel, crying, knowing there just had to be more. I was desperate to use my talents and skills in the service of others…instead of to a corporation that I did not feel cared about me. There are certainly difficult days as a business owner, but, I always look back on that moment, and am grateful that I will never have to be there again!

As a woman-owned business, what makes Kudzu Brands unique?  

I like to think that, as a woman-owned company, we foster a nurturing relationship with each of our clients, as well as our employees. We also completely understand “trying to balance it all” so we are great partners to other female owned business owners.

What is the superpower you bring to the table every day?

Ha! Well, like our namesake (Kudzu)…its tenacity, of course! Our company motto is “You Can’t Kill Kudzu”. We have been through a lot. I have run the company while my husband went through cancer treatment, held on through financial challenges, nursed a newborn baby at my desk and have learned to navigate the complexities of a female partnership. But…no matter what…I have refused to give up!!

What is your vision for female entrepreneurs in Asheville in the next few years?

I want to see women value their worth! So often, my female clients report undercharging, even giving away their services. We are so damn “accommodating” and timid. I want to see women RISE UP and take ownership of their talents and their contributions! I want to see them charging what they are worth, asking for the loans they need and taking the risks required to GROW!