Stephanie Kissel – Supportedly

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What is your company?

Our mission at Supportedly is to help make the entrepreneurial journey easier. We started with – a dynamic directory that helps entrepreneurs quickly and easily find, understand, and connect to the support resources and programs they need to start and grow their businesses. In addition, we’re creating actionable content through our blogs that give entrepreneurs specific and targeted advice. I’m very excited about the launch of our podcast, The Supportedly Podcast – – live now! I’m taking our profiling of support providers and the programs they offer to the next level by helping tell their stories as well as the stories of entrepreneurs who have participated in and benefited from those programs.


Tell us why you do what you do in 1 sentence.

The opportunity to utilize my operational talents to lead a team in an effort that makes life easier for my fellow entrepreneurs. What could be better?


Why are business resources, mentors, and tools so important for startups?

Wow. I don’t even know where to start. I guess I’ll tell a quick story about an entrepreneur (who is featured on an upcoming podcast), Nick Moen of The Bright Angle. He was on the podcast to tell me about his experience with the Elevate program. I asked him how he got to the Elevate program and his answer involved a quick trip through the Asheville support provider ecosystem -> help from Mountain Bizworks to space at The Refinery to a pitch at 1Million Cups which led to an introduction to Josh Dorfman who recommended he become a part of the Elevate program. Here is this exceptionally gifted artist who is creating a business around his craft, providing jobs and opportunities for others and is taking advantage of all the support available to him. I can’t stress enough how connecting to and taking advantage of the support ecosystem helps make the entrepreneurial journey a bit less stressful and lonely. In fact, connecting into the ecosystem makes the journey pretty damn fun.


What valuable lesson about business would you hope to pass onto young women considering becoming an entrepreneur?

Own your talents and your gifts – do not apologize for being amazing.


How are you innovating within your industry?

We’re finding ways to more effectively communicate and connect support ecosystems.


You serve as one of the lead organizers of Hatch This and are clearly passionate about entrepreneurship events. What about these programs are actual “game-changers” for entrepreneurs?

The opportunity to learn SO MUCH in one weekend is a game changer. It’s like a massive startup download to your brain. I’m not sure how to describe this effectively because it can be such a game changer for an individual. The connections you will make, the lessons you will learn from your mentors and fellow participants, and the experience you gain in one weekend is really just hard to find anywhere. It’s a “not to miss” event that’s going to accelerate your personal and professional experience in really exciting ways.