Sarah Benoit – JB Media Institute

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What is your company?

I am the co-founder and lead instructor of the JB Media Institute, LLC.

Tell us why you do what you do in 1 sentence.

My mission as an educator is to empower business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs to use digital marketing and communications tools to make the world, and the internet, a better place.

Explain your philosophy around educating clients.

I believe everyone has the capacity to learn and use digital marketing and communications tools to make a positive impact. In the world of digital marketing, whether you have been doing the work for many years or just started, we are all learning together as the technology evolves. Through community collaboration and support we all gain actionable skills, generate more innovative ideas, and stay motivated. I tell every student:

1. There are no stupid questions

2. Don’t worry about being perfect, just be brave.

3. If you care about making real connections with people, take the time to learn the tools, and strategize you can succeed.

What 3 valuable lessons about business would you hope to pass onto young women considering becoming an entrepreneur?

First, never let anyone tell you that you don’t belong or make you feel less confident. Trust yourself to know if you are in the right place at the right time.

Second, stop apologizing for being yourself. You can be sensitive, compassionate, and empathetic without apologizing. Apologize ONLY when you are truly sorry.

Third, make sure you take a day off every week, no matter what, to do something you really enjoy. No matter how much you love work, it isn’t everything.

Where in ‘team dynamics’ do you shine the best? Where are you still learning?

My natural Libra-ness allows me to get along with the vast majority of people that I meet. I can always find the authentic good in others even when we are different. I love to support other people and I love for everyone to win.

I am still learning that it is okay to be competitive sometimes. I am also always learning to let myself be more vulnerable with people. My independence is a wonderful quality, but I am still simply a human being and that is okay.

How are you a revolutionary?

I am a revolutionary because I believe the way we do business in the US and the globe is not sustainable and, in many situations, directly harmful. I want to change this and inspire others to change it as well. The corporate world does not have to be defined by greed, low wages, a lack of healthcare, abuse of the planet, inequity for people of color, misogyny, and domination by the 1%.  We can build a healthier, more beautiful legacy for future generations where ALL people have access to food, homes, healthcare, education, and living wages.

You are always participating in programs that support the entrepreneurial ecosystem, including being a sponsor for Hatch This. Why do you feel that these types of programs are so important for early stage entrepreneurs?

Events like Hatch This build a community network that can offer entrepreneurs the motivation, inspiration, encouragement, and tools they need to go the distance. Many entrepreneurs and startups fail mostly because they feel isolated, burned out, and stuck. This causes them to give up too early in the game. Hatch This also creates an environment where people can speak honestly to one another about what is feasible and viable, share ideas without fear of not being taken seriously or judged, and get support as they get outside their comfort zone. To me these experiences are invaluable because they help entrepreneurs practice and develop bravery, humility, confidence, and teamwork.