Sandra Grace – Oh! Woman Magazine

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What is your company?

Oh! Woman Magazine is a WNC Woman Publication. We are the #1 Woman’s magazine in Western North Carolina.

Tell us why you do what you do in 1 sentence.

We produce this magazine because we believe Communities are formed and created one conversation at a time.

What 3 valuable lessons about business would you hope to pass onto young women considering becoming an entrepreneur?

  1. Any idea is significant. Think it through to the end. Look at the squatty potty, the vegetable peeler, the joy mop. All million dollar ideas.
  2. Know and understand the resources available to you. Success leaves clues. Ask yourself what your core genius is, and get help from others that have experience and expertise in the areas you need.
  3. Don’t stop! Be tenacious. If A doesn’t work try B. Keep an open mind. Listen to people who have had success. Their advice could save you time and money.

What are the hardest sacrifices that you make on behalf of your business?

Sleep and money. When you are an entrepreneur you may not get paid right away. You have to plan, have a budget. At the end of the day when you’re paying bills and payroll and you see there isn’t enough money, you have to pay your talent first. Understanding where your value is can be critical. You may not get your payoff until the end. So you sacrifice up front. Sleep: in the middle of the night about three in the morning it’s quiet; no phones ringing or anyone asking you for a decision. I get up and go to my desk. I am writing the important letter or filling out the next credit form instead of sleeping.

Western North Carolina has such a diverse grouping of women. I am constantly reading and looking for the next article or topic of interest for our readership. When you serve a community that spans age 25-75 years of age, staying relevant isn’t easy.