Laura Juarez – Pure Yoga

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What was the lightbulb moment that inspired your entrepreneurial journey?  

Out of college, I worked for a global management consulting company.  I loved the work, and at the same time, I always had this inkling that birthing a business that lived at the intersection of my passion & skill and what the world needs more of would fulfill me more than manifesting someone else’ vision; no matter how impactful.  


How is your life philosophy expressed through Pure Yoga, and L.E. Smith Company?  

I believe when we show up authentically, we infuse our spirit, philosophy, and special sauce into everything we do.  I bring a lot of energy, drive, inquiry, and willingness to fail to all of my endeavors; business and otherwise. I would say those qualities eventually become core to the cultural fabric of my businesses.  


What is the superpower you personally bring to the table every day? What makes the dream work?  

I’m tireless, curious, and able to keep the vision and strategy clearly illuminated and magnified for a team in the midst of the daily noise.  Nothing lights me up more than creating ideas, solving problems, and moving the needle, and I love to see people break through their own limitations.  


What is your vision for female entrepreneurs in Asheville in the next few years, and what advice would you give to women thinking about starting their own businesses?

My vision for women is that they will embrace this unique time in herstory to redefine the way we think about and conduct business in our community.  Research shows that men and women measure success differently, and I believe the world is ready for more fluidity, more impact over profit, and more inclusiveness over win/lose.  I hope women will accept this invitation & trust that they are called to be an important voice in this transformation. My advice? Trust that you have something unique to offer the world, take risks, don’t wait until it’s perfect, and when you get “stuck,” call on your tribe to help versus retreating.   And have fun!