Jael Rattigan – French Broad Chocolates

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What is the sweetest part of what you do every day?

On my best days, I see the potential in others and help them see it, too. I want people to feel seen – for their strength, their talent, and their worth.


What was the lightbulb moment that inspired your entrepreneurial journey?

My hands covered in chocolate as I was hand-rolling truffles, I felt a distinct tingling sensation. I looked down at my open, chocolate-covered palms and said aloud, “chocolate is the thing that will make me happy.” The chocolate and entrepreneurial journey has continued to unfold ever since, with no end in sight.


How is your life philosophy expressed through French Broad Chocolates?  

Our business is a reflection of our personal values.  We believe in using business as a force for good, forging real connections with our fellow humans, and always learning. I’m a seeker, and hence, French Broad Chocolates will always continue to evolve and grow.


What is the superpower you bring to the table every day?

Deep feeling and passion about chocolate, and about people.


What is your vision for female entrepreneurs in Asheville in the next few years?

May we recognize our worth, and know what we each need to be fulfilled and happy. May we seek it, find it, and receive it with gratitude.