Hatch This

Build a business in a weekend

A mash-up of, a hackathon, an accelerator, and a weekend-long party, Hatch This matches attendees in teams with expert mentorship to craft a startup and compete for prizes including seed funding and office space at Hatch Asheville, located at 45 S. French Broad in downtown.

Attendees should come ready to pitch a business idea or ready to offer your skills and join a team.  Once teams form, the real work begins: build a prototype, get real user feedback, pitch your deck in front of real investors, and win prizes.

November 3-5

You can be a coder, a designer, a programmer, an engineer, a strategist, a networker, an MBA, an entrepreneur, a finance-whiz, an inventor, an innovator, a doodler, an artist, a creator, a builder, an academic, a drop-out, an investor, a founder or a future co-founder – all are welcome to participate at Hatch This!


45 S. French Broad
Asheville, NC

Why should I attend

Hatch This?

Opportunities to get real feedback on your ideas is rare. Even more rare is to spend a weekend in a room with people like you who want to work on new ideas. This is your chance to pitch your idea, build a team, and win the support and resources you need to launch a successful business.

If you’re on this list, you should be here.
  • If you have an idea for a business
  • Freelancers
  • Students
  • Coders who want to solve a new problem
  • People looking for a Co-Founder
  • Job Seekers
  • Employers
  • Marketers
  • Front-End Devs
  • Mobile Devs
What’s included?
  • Meals
  • Collaboration Space
  • World-Class Mentors
  • Coffee
  • Beer
  • Over $15k in Cash and Prizes
Do I have to Pitch an idea?
Nope. We expect about 1/3 of attendees to pitch while the other 2/3 come to join a team and show off their skills.


Allison Glackin


I am known for my enthusiastic, inquisitive and flexible approach to qualitative research that delights clients. I have spent 25+ years leading qualitative research projects across a wide gamut of industries and for many Fortune 500 companies. My multi-industry perspective provides the opportunity to identify and employ the best-of-the-best research techniques which brings value to each project. My clients rely on me to identify unique consumer insights and deliver sound research results which build their businesses.

Jon Jones


Anthroware is a mashup of anthropologists, designers, data-driven consultants, and technology builders. We solve tough problems that clients cant solve on their own by simplifying your processes: both human and digital.

My passion is people. Serving the Anthroware team, and serving our partners. I love creating delightful digital projects that make a difference. Software should get out of your way so you can get back to doing the things you love. My job is to pursue this goal for our partners. We build software for humans.

Drew Price


I am a passionate, product and customer-focused marketer. As head of product marketing at Grammarly, my focus is consistency in messaging and user-experience with any content we make public. I have nearly a decade of experience in Email Marketing, and it remains my super power.

Oh, and I am currently the Brand Steward at Grammarly and may appear in our commercials from time to time.*

Chris Buehler


Versatile and enthusiastic entrepreneur who has started and/or substantially advanced numerous firms in a variety of technology and service industries. Well-rounded technology/operations executive with experience in domestic and international business development

Broad Experience in Wireless Technologies, Internet-of-Things, Telecommunications, and Aerospace Industries

Entrepreneurial leadership through entire life-cycle of a business: ``back-of-napkin`` concept creation, business formation, patent writing, fundraising, solution development, product launch.

Tommy Calhoun


Gay W. Lam


Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur. Creating products, building brands and leading an awesome team.

Bill Tate


I lead private advisory boards for CEOs, business owners, and executives to help them step out of the day-to-day to think differently, gain insights, make better decisions, take bold action, and generate meaningful results.

Vistage Chair | Private Board Facilitator | CEO Coach & Advisor.

Chuck Johnson


Adaptable marketing and R&D professional with a strong record of goal-oriented innovation to drive profitable business growth. Demonstrated strengths in strategic planning through program execution, staff and cross-functional team building and leadership, project management, and internal and external customer service.
Justin Agans

Justin Agans


Just is a Startup Lawyer at Spengler & Agans, PLLC

Dawn Walker


Serving the QSR and Foodservice channel for over 25 years through Global Sales and Business Development in the following areas:
• Food and beverage manufacturing (Pillsbury and Pepsi Cola)
• Contract Feeders (Aramark)
• Dispensing equipment manufacturing (Wunder-Bar)
• Packaging technology (Colder Products Company, Scholle Packaging and HAVI Global Solutions)

This deep market understanding from production, to packaging to dispensing and back of the house operations, assists me in the understanding required to customize turnkey solutions for you. In utilizing this systems approach based on individual needs, I can develop solutions that are customized for your operation based on your needs for today and tomorrow .

John White


Specialties: Web Development, Interface Design, Usability Testing

Arthur Salido


A research scientist, educator, business consultant, and market expert with over 20 years experience working in higher education and with private companies.
An accomplished communicator, passionate about helping individuals and organizations solve unique and diverse problems ranging from product quality, business strategy, funding opportunities, and customer acquisition to community engagement, economic development, and contemporary higher-ed issues.
Lisa Fournier

Dr. Lisa Fournier


Lisa has over 25 years of experience in community-based businesses and emerging-growth companies across a variety of industries. Her role in these start-ups was to implement (proof-of-concept stage)--forming the business and co-creating scalable solutions with customers, suppliers, investors, and development teams. Lisa is currently Assistant Professor of Business and Entrepreneurship at Lenoir-Rhyne University Asheville.
Ryan Coffield

Ryan Coffield


Ryan is a Business Attorney at The Van Winkle Law Firm, advising small and mid size business owners on corporate and tax issues, including formations, operations, and reorganizations.

Tim Montgomery


Tim Montgomery has worked in finance and business valuation since 1996. Since 2008, he has focused on a select clientele of prominent venture capital and private equity firms as well as venture and angel backed companies. Tim performs business valuation analysis for companies across the U.S. (primarily 409A, ASC 820, carried interest, and purchase price allocations), and serves as factional Chief Financial Officer to clients in the Southeast helping them with matters related to due diligence, financial modeling, investment fundraising, investor relations, and business plan development.
Ted Pate

Ted Pate


Ted is Co-Founder, CEO at Dig This Productions, LLC
William Heedy

William Heedy


William Heedy is a registered patent attorney having experience in all matters related to U.S. and foreign patent preparation and prosecution, trademarks and copyrights. William is available to assist in matters relating to licensing, handling cease and desist disputes for patents and trademarks, and analyzing patent portfolios including due diligence for patent portfolio acquisitions. William is also a member of The Van Winkle Law Firm’s Litigation practice where he focuses on matters relating to intellectual property.
Jamie Gilpin

Jamie Gilpin


A progressive finance professional with extensive experience as a leader of teams spread across disciplines and geographical locations. Strong background, education, and interest in renewable energy, sustainable economics, data analysis, international business, and finance. Entrepreneurial spirit has regularly brought success in building enthusiasm for the use of technology in non-technical environments. Personal interest for innovation has proved infectious and influenced others to deliver successful results.


George Glackin


I retired from Procter & Gamble after a successful 35 year career of new business design and creation, and brand and product development. I focus on enabling my clients to design businesses that delight customers, to identify critical assumptions in their new business model, and to manage risk by running selling experiments. This “Startup Learning Engine” is vital to help new business leaders learn before investing!

Josh Dorfman


Josh Dorfman is an environmental entrepreneur, author, and media personality committed to helping consumers easily and delightfully take steps to green their lives. Josh is perhaps best known as creator and host of The Lazy Environmentalist, an award-winning reality TV show on Sundance Channel, radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio, book series, and digital commerce company.

Josh currently leads Venture Asheville, a public-private initiative to build a high-growth entrepreneurial ecosystem in the mountains of Western North Carolina. He is also Director of Asheville Angels.

Mary Lynn Manns


Mary Lynn Manns is a professor on the Management faculty at UNC Asheville in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. She is the co-author of two popular books, Fearless Change: Patterns for Introducing New Ideas (2005) and More Fearless Change: Strategies for Making Your Ideas Happen (2015), which document the successful strategies used by leaders of change in many different types and sizes of organizations throughout the world.

Mary Lynn has given numerous presentations on change leadership throughout the world in many organizations that include Microsoft, Proctor & Gamble, Avon, and amazon.com. But her greatest thrill is coordinating the Ideas to Action initiative at UNC Asheville, which guides students as they work in interdisciplinary teams to design, develop, and defend their ideas for changing the world.

Tom Ryan


Professionally, I’m an entrepreneur both in practice and in spirit, but I’m also an investor, coach, mentor, trusted advisor, and friend to many business owners and operators. My mission is to help entrepreneurs and business owners everywhere succeed both in business and in life.

I have been described as a guru, teacher, coach, mentor, therapist, and startup whisperer. I have a knack for helping people find the answers to their most important business questions within them and making the complex seem simple. I’m also a natural born fixer and love to solve problems.

Meg Ragland


Co-founder and President of Plum Print, a consumer-facing company that delivers your physical memories into the digital world. Starting with children's artwork, there is a vast world of memories that are lost in the digital age. Plum Print's mission is to make those memories live on forever; put them at arm's reach on a bookshelf, as well as in a safe spot in the cloud.

Cain McClary


Physician (Board Certified Pathologist) and enterpriser, leveraging a knowledge of the bench and the bedside as well as an extensive network of scientists, clinicians, entrepreneurs, and funders to guide and invest in young companies in the digital health, healthcare informatics, diagnostics, life science tools, and synthetic biology spaces. My experiences on both sides of the table are able to offer unique strategic insights and network opportunities to innovators and investors in these verticals. I like to call it ``translational entrepreneurship``.
Jim Moore

Jim Moore


Jim Moore is an experienced CEO, Entrepreneur and Investor who made Jeep a worldwide brand, positioned Compaq globally for one of the biggest tech sales during the tech boom and created a digital eLearning company from start-up to Private Equity Sale.

Jim is leveraging this experience to provide early-stage companies with advisory and investment services. Early stage investments have been made in over 15 companies involved in electric vehicle solar charging stations, home automation, eCommerce, FinTech, eLearning and IoT applications in the Silicon Valley and the Southeast.

Special Guests

Juan Garzon

Juan Garzon

Pitch Workshop Expert

Hi, I'm Juan Garzón. I help small to midsize businesses develop messaging that engages and communicates value so that they can accelerate the growth of their business. Working with me, you will better understand your target audience is, how to reach them more effectively, and how to create a brand story that results in better sales conversations.

Juan is Director of PitchBreakfast and StartCharlotte and is Branding and Messaging Strategist at The Garzón Company. Juan will be conducting his specialized pitch workshop for Hatch This participants

Tal Frankfurt

Tal Frankfurt

Keynote Speaker

Tal Frankfurt, Founder and CEO of Cloud for Good, was chosen in 2010 to be one of the first Salesforce MVP Program members, an exclusive club representing the top 1% of the Salesforce community, and have maintained that status to date.


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