Hatch This


A mash-up of an accelerator, a hackathon, and a weekend-long party, Hatch This matches attendees in teams with expert mentorship to craft a startup and compete for prizes including seed funding and office space at Hatch Asheville, located downtown at 45 S. French Broad Avenue.

Participants should come ready to pitch a business idea or ready to offer your skills and join a team. Once teams form, the real work begins: build a prototype, get real user feedback, pitch your deck in front of real investors, and win prizes.

The Hatch This Experience

Friday, November 1st – Sunday, November 3rd

Join us at Hatchworks Coworking beginning on Friday, November 1st to pitch an idea or contribute to a team! You can be a coder, a strategist, a designer, a programmer, an engineer, a networker, an MBA, an entrepreneur, a finance-wiz, an inventor, an innovator, a doodler, an artist, a creator, a builder, an academic, a drop-out, an investor, a founder, or a future co-founder – all are welcome to participate at Hatch This.

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The Final Pitch

Sunday, November 3rd at 5pm

Presented by Hatch AVL, we invite you to join us at The Final Pitch on Sunday, November 3rd at 5pm to watch all of the Hatch This teams pitch in front of our experienced judges one last time. This event is FREE and is held at Asheville Hi-Wire Big Top Event Space. You won't want to miss it!

“My experience with Hatch This, even as someone who did not bring an idea to pitch but rather a skill to be utilized, was incredibly rewarding. I was able to get involved in a community of passionate, innovative, and extremely driven entrepreneurs; the energy throughout the whole event was electric. The networking opportunities later helped me get my foot in the door with a local startup as a full-time developer!”

Sarah N.2017 Participant

“Hatch This opened my eyes to what community building can be. The mentorship, camaraderie, and energy built my confidence and left me with long-lasting personal and professional relationships.”

Cory T.2017 Participant

“Will I be back? Without a doubt, and I hope to see you there also!”

Chris F.2017 Participant and Prize Winner

“As a student with a creative mind but little-to-no business experience, I thought I would be lost at Hatch This. I could not have been more wrong. The best connections I have ever made, most drive to follow my passion, greatest thirst for knowledge, and best experience working as a team all came from Hatch This. It was my best decision in 4 years of college and helped pave the road to my future.”

Michael L.2017 Participant

“Hatch This was an amazing experience. I got to work with a diverse team of people from all over NC. The connections I made were so valuable and I am still in touch and working with many of them. The mentors and resources provided gave me the necessary insights I needed to validate my idea. I made meaningful connections and A LOT of progress on launching my business idea.”

Trinity W.2017 Participant

“Hatch This gave me the confidence to dream big and the practicality to manifest that dream into reality.”

Justin S.2017 Participant

“The Hatch This experience inspired us to refine our messaging with a group of fellow participants and local mentors who were dedicated to supporting our presentations. What followed in the weeks ahead was the harvest of some super helpful professional relationships that to this day continue to add value to our enterprise and growth.”

Trey S., Founder/CEO WatchPitch Inc.2017 Participant
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Why should I attend

Hatch This?

Opportunities to get real feedback on your ideas is rare. Even more rare is to spend a weekend in a room with people like you who want to work on new ideas. This is your chance to pitch your idea, build a team, and win the support and resources you need to launch a successful business.

If you’re on this list, you should be here.
  • If you have an idea for a business
  • Freelancers
  • Students
  • Coders who want to solve a new problem
  • People looking for a Co-Founder
  • Job Seekers
  • Employers
  • Marketers
  • Front-End Devs
  • Mobile Devs
What’s included?
  • Meals
  • Collaboration Space
  • World-Class Mentors
  • Coffee
  • Beer
  • Over $15k in Cash and Prizes
Do I have to Pitch an idea?
Nope. We expect about 1/3 of attendees to pitch while the other 2/3 come to join a team and show off their skills.

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