About Hatch AVL Foundation

What is Hatch?

The Hatch AVL Foundation serves as a coordinator and catalyst for connecting the critical elements of the Asheville startup ecosystem to our members.

Asheville needs innovation, new businesses, and new jobs. Entrepreneurs and startups are a proven path to deliver innovation. To succeed, entrepreneurs need each other, they need a network of support resources, and they need know-how.

Hatch has created an agile test bed, or learning lab, where the best and strongest capabilities of the Asheville entrepreneurial ecosystem are focused on a group of high-growth potential, Asheville-headquartered, small businesses and startups.


The Hatch building is located at 45 S. French Broad Ave. in Downtown Asheville. Visitors may park on the street, in our lot to the rear of the building off S. Ann St., or across the street at the United Way (after 5:30 PM).


Hatch AVL Foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. Donations and sponsorships will be utilized towards physical space, out-of-town speakers, special projects, collaboration with University and High School students, and special events. We invite you to participate in accelerating entrepreneurship in our region. Please contact us to get involved.

Hatch History

Aug 2015
George Glackin, Meg Ragland, Troy Ball, Chad Slagle, Jon Jones meet at Startup Weekend and discuss need for “startups to support startups.” The idea for an incubator is born.
Sep 2015
Discussions with Charlie Ball identify the 45 S French Broad Ave building as a strong potential site to house the incubator, and a 4 phase plan, over multiple years is laid out.
Oct 2015
A first Board is formed to create the “Asheville Startup Factory.” Board comprised of Jon Jones (Anthroware), Chad Slagle (Mob Rocket), Jeremy Littlejohn (RISC), Josh Dorfman (Venture Asheville), George Glackin (Business Innovation Guides).
Nov 2015
Troy Ball (Troy & Sons) and Meg Ragland (Plum Print) join the Board.
Dec 2015
“Asheville Startup Factory” name changed to “Hatch Asheville” to fully capture the spirit of our incubator.
Feb 2016
Building demolition and Phase 1 construction begins.
May 2016
Charlie Ball (Ball Properties) joins the Board. Hatch AVL Charter officially adopted with Charter Startup Companies of Anthroware, Mob Rocket, Plum Print, Shiny Creek, Galaxy Digital, UGoTour and LoLo.
July 2016
Phase 1 move in with Plum Print, Mob Rocket, Anthroware.
Sept 2016
Building demolition and Phase 2 construction begins.
January 2017
Phase 2 move in with Shiny Creek, Galaxy Digital, UGoTour. Mob Rocket moves out and LoLo moves in.
May 2017
Hatch AVL Foundation receives 501c3 status.
June 2017
HatchWorks scheduled to open.
June 2018
Hired our first Executive Director; Emily Breedlove.