Asheville Entrepreneurship Week 2019

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Celebrating Asheville’s Entrepreneurial Community

Encouraging our citizens to celebrate the remarkable and everyday successes of our entrepreneurs and innovators.

On August 23, Mayor Esther Manheimer signed a proclamation declaring the week of Labor Day in September “Asheville Entrepreneurship Week.” Asheville Entrepreneurship Week is a celebration of Asheville’s growing startups, innovative businesses, and entrepreneurs from every industry.

Led by the Hatch AVL Foundation and Venture Asheville, Asheville Entrepreneurship Week hosts a breadth of events including the Living Asheville Arts Festival (LAAF), 2 Lunch-and-Learns at The Collider, an Intro to the Startup Scene event, WNC Press Pass at Hatchworks, TedXAsheville, and a Coworking Crawl – all in one jam-packed week!

“Entrepreneurship is tangible in this city, the vibrancy and diversity of ventures deserves to be celebrated!” said Venture Asheville Director of Entrepreneurship, Jeffrey Kaplan. “When we talk about entrepreneurship, we don’t just mean someone tinkering away on an app. While important, that is just one facet of a greater entrepreneurial ecosystem. This week identifies and uplifts the entrepreneurs across the ecosystem, so yes we’ll see some high-growth tech companies, but you’ll also see entrepreneurs as artists and craft-makers at LAAF, and you’ll see inspiring speakers at TedX, and you’ll get insight into how to work with some of Asheville’s most innovative press outlets at Friday’s Press Pass.”

The week brings together industry veterans and new entrepreneurs forming valuable connections as they continue to make Asheville a welcome home for innovative thinkers and job creators. Asheville Entrepreneurship Week spans the entire business ecosystem, providing opportunities for everyone from startups to enterprises, and from artists to engineers. Asheville Entrepreneurship Week shines light on the incredible diversity of our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“Hosting the inaugural Entrepreneurship Week in 2017 was such a milestone for the Hatch AVL Foundation and we are thrilled to join forces with area partners to bring the celebration back again this year. Our team is honored to serve the Asheville startup community by offering an environment where founders are supporting founders, and Entrepreneurship Week gives us even more ways to connect with local innovators,” explained Emily Breedlove, Executive Director of Hatch AVL. “With so many stellar organizations helping us to celebrate small business, Hatch encourages all entrepreneurs to come out in September to connect, learn, and grow their tribe!”

This year, the following organizations have collaborated to bring you Asheville Entrepreneurship Week: Hatch AVL Foundation, Venture Asheville, Supportedly, the Collider, 1 Million Cups, and LAAF.


  • Monday, September 2 (Labor Day)
    • Enjoy your day off,  save your energy for this week!
  • Tuesday, September 3
    • Intro to the AVL Startup Scene
    • Are you new to town and looking to get connected? Do you have game-changing ideas–or maybe just one sensational startup plan? Here’s your chance to be in the same room with your people! 
  • Wednesday, September 4
    • 1 Million Cups 5th Anniversary Party
    • 5 years of weekly events… 5 years of rallying together to create, support, build, & expand our startup ecosystem… 250+ founders laying their businesses, hearts, & dreams on the 1MCAVL stage…
  • Thursday, September 5
    • Pitch Party, Hatch AVL 
    • It’s the most anticipated evening of entrepreneurship in all of Asheville – the Hatch Pitch Party! Presented in partnership with Venture Asheville – You can have a big idea or run a big business – you are welcome to pitch! For Asheville Entrepreneurship Week, the Pitch Party is on September 5th at 6pm.
  • Friday, September 6
    • Asheville Investments Club’s “Big Scary Fish Tank
    • Asheville’s most BITING live pitch event! Where local entrepreneurs compete to win a game-changing financial infusion from the city’s newest investor group. Join us on September 6th to celebrate Asheville’s entrepreneurial spirit!
  • Saturday, September 7
    • Asheville Startup Games
    • TBA
  • Sunday, September 8
    • TedX AVL
    • ‘Challenging Assumptions Breaking New Ground’ Revolutionary ideas that breakthrough.  TEDx Asheville 2019 looks to inspire the community with the fresh voices that are the beacon for the new blueprint of change.